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Plant Analyst

Lugera & Maklér spol. s r.o.

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  • You calculate cost prices and transfer prices of our new products with correct SAP follow up.
  • You perform simulations of business effects on Direct Cost value.
  • You recalculate our product prices (monthly).
  • You have a specific role in determining the country of origin of produced goods.
  • You are involved in quarterly/monthly analysis of plant related variables, create different reports and discuss them with all stakeholders.
  • You assist in the budget cycle and take on the challenge for the plan budgeting cycle optimisation. In a second phase, you become the budget process owner for our Slovak plant.
  • You perform different ad hoc analysis.

Požiadavky na zamestnanca

  • master’s degree, preferably in a finance or economics
  • experience in production plant: understood production flows, interaction between departments, process parameters, …
  • very analytical mind, deep passion for data gathering and processing
  • take initiative in building relationships in all layers of the plant
  • able to adapt to changes very quickly
  • experience with any ERP package, SAP knowledge would be a plus

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    Pracovný pomer: Hlavný pracovný pomer
    Druh mzdy: Iná / dohodou
    Ponuka uverejnená dňa: 12.10.2020
    ID ponuky práce: 607141

    Lugera & Maklér spol. s r.o.

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    Mlynské Nivy 49, 821 09 Bratislava
    Štúrova 22, 949 01 Nitra

    Alena Prokopovičová
    +421 905 825 570

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